Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So busy!

Hello all!
Well, as you can guess, I am busy.  Kids will be going back to school on Monday, so only 3 boys left at home with me.
Toan is doing very well: he has managed to gain enough weight to fit in the growth charts, quite an accomplishment!  We met with the surgeon yesterday and he will be undergoing surgery very soon for his undescended testicles.  It looks like they will have to remove the right one because it never got a chance to develop properly, and therefore puts him at risk for testicular cancer.  He should be ''functional'' with only one ;)
He is a going concern: follows his siblings everywhere, including up the stairs.  He is a curious little boy, very determined to get what he wants, even if it means almost killing himself in the process!  A real little 14 months old boy!  He is cruising everywhere but has not attempted yet to let go to free stand.  That will come in time!  He will start occupational therapy soon and we have a multi-disciplinary meeting in October to talk about Cerebral Palsy.  It could take between 6 months to a full year to establish a diagnosis.
Nights are going so well!  He starts his night in the playpen in our room and when he wakes up, usually around 10h00 or 11h00, we take him in bed between us.  We need to catch up on cuddling, we missed a whole year!
I received his permanent passport and I am waiting for his citizenship card.  This is another adoption success story: it's like he had always been with us!