Monday, May 30, 2011

Is he the one you adopted?

My older girls are part of the running club at school and so I have to go and pick them up later after school twice a week.  Michael being gone this week, I have to go get them with the complete crew.

We showed up after the run and the girls' friends naturally migrate around us because the boys ''are sooooo cuuuute'' they say.  And then pops up the question, pointing at Logan: ''Is he THE one you adopted?''  Next thing I see is Logan looking at the person who asked the question.  A look of vulnerability.  What then goes through my mind and my heart is hard to describe.  A mix of sadness and anger.  Sadness because that will follow him his whole life.  Yes, it is obvious he looks different than the rest.  Does he need to be reminded constantly?  It's like an old movie going through my head over again.  I see the pieces of the puzzle that will always be missing.  I see that in the eyes of many there will always be the biological children and the other ones.  Like you have to compare.  Anger at the insensitivity of others.  Yes, it came from a child, with no bad intention, just pure curiosity.  But it happens all the time.  I am tired of being asked how much it costs, right in front of him.  I am tired of being told that I have courage, that I am so good.  When will it stop?  It hurts to think that he is starting to understand.

Maybe when I grow up someday it won't affect me anymore.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


This seems to be the funny word of the week for the boys and they use it as often as possible, and as loud as possible as well.
We drove a friend to the train station this morning and we watched the trains go by with amazement.  Those little boys are so very cool to watch.  I can't wait to see what it's gonna be like when there's 4 of them together!
I received some pics of Aidan Toan earlier this week, standing in his crib.  Sad to see I missed so much, but good to see he seems to be developing just fine.  I also received my traveling package from the agency with the passport application, the paperwork for CIC and all the relevant info for the trip.  It sure smells like a departure soon.  All I am missing is the Letter of no Objection from the Ministry, and that should be coming within days.  Can't wait!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Good news from the adoption agency

I just received a phone call from the agency.  Things are moving along well apparently.  My papers are on their way to the Ministry so they can issue the final paperwork I need before I leave, a Letter of no Objection.
Last week, I received my 3 original copies of the power of attorney I need to bring with me in order to be allowed to adopt on my own while Michael stays behind with the other 6 children.  I had to send the 3 copies to the Vietnamese Embassy for them to legalize each one.  Also, I should receive my travel package from the agency with all the information for the trip and my immigration papers.
I have to say that the procedures are different when you adopt from different provinces, it seems.  Looks like there are more steps in Ontario compared to the procedures in Qu├ębec.
It sure seems like a long time has passed since we received the proposal on January 10.  Our life has been on hold since then, always wondering when I will travel to get Aidan Toan.  He will be turning 1 year old on June 18.  Hopefully, I will be with him on that special day, here in Canada with the rest of the family.
Going out for speed training tonight, better get that supper ready!

Let's see how this works...

Well, here I am, doing what I swore I would never do, hosting a blog.  I never thought our life was that interesting to justify writing about it.  We are very ordinary people and we do not intend to show off in any way through this media of communication.  However, as things tend to get very busy around here, I thought this would be the best way for me to keep you all informed on what is happening with our newest adventure, the adoption of our 7th wonder, Aidan Toan.
This is probably why I decided to start this blog, so my friends and loved ones can find out what is happening, all at once.
Also, I intend to try to keep it active while I am in Vietnam and let you share with me this wonderful trip through my comments and pictures.
I hope you enjoy it!
Humbly Yours,