Sunday, February 1, 2015

Positive Turn Out! Kudos to You All!

Here are the latest news from Toronto:

Over 350 people reached out and enquired with the live liver donation assessment office at the Toronto General Hospital!  And 280 people so far had faxed their application as of Friday!

This is incredible!  And for so many reasons: people are reaching out to my little girls.  Also,  Alagille syndrome is getting media attention and getting more known.  But ABOVE ALL, hopefully those courageous people who have submitted their applications will elect to leave their name there in order to help save others who are on the list waiting for a liver, and are just as important as my daughters.

I hope this media campaign is giving hope to the many who are suffering in silence.

We are spending a wonderful weekend as a family.  Nothing fancy, everything low key: long term school projects have been completed, overdue paperwork is getting done, and I managed to fit in a nice run this morning.  Brrr.  -25 degrees Celsius.  But I got her done ;)

Daddy took the boys out for some fun in the snow and I am chilling at home with my girls, smaller ones and older ones.

Who is a Super Bowl fan here?  We are no sports fans, but we like to spend time with some of those who are.  They like to eat chicken wings on Super Bowl Sunday and we happen to like chicken
wings ;p

Have a good one!