Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy belated Birthday my Angel!

We celebrated Toan's birthday last week. As you can see, when you have 7 kids, standards tend to diminish... His birthday cake: a bucket of ice cream with a candle! Lots of calories for a little boy who needs to gain weight and who loves ice cream!  He loves his new toys, particularly his fire truck: a typical 1 year old baby boy!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Toan at home!

Settling in in such a nice way!

Well, Toan is a happy camper! And we are so happy he is with us! He started to sleep through the night a few nights ago, no more waking up 12-15 times a night, crying in despair. He sleeps between mom and dad and no, we are not spoiling him. He is building his trust in us, and there will be a lot of time to try to get him to sleep on his own. For now, he is sleeping, so are we and everyone is happy and rested!

He is exploring his surroundings at an increased pace with every day passing by. He is spending more and more time on the floor, crawling on all fours, getting stuck under the kitchen table, or going on stroller rides with his sisters while mom is catching up with folding laundry or what nots. I know for a fact now that everything will be just fine. I had a hard time believing it last week, it was just too new and unsettling.

I got his blood test results today and he just needs to take iron supplements for 3 months, a pleasant surprise! Other than that, everything is normal! Yeah! He will be starting occupational therapy shortly and should go under surgery for his undescended testes soon, a minor thing I am told.

We celebrated his first birthday over the weekend. His birthday was actually a month ago but anyhow, we took the time to sing Happy Birthday and give him his presents. He loved the singing part so much that we had to do it again. This little guy is learning so much so fast, it's amazing to see him go, he is so intelligent. A beautiful gift to this family!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sorry for my silence...

This will be short as life is very busy here... Coming back was a lot more difficult than I had anticipated, the jetlag for Toan and I is hard to overcome. I missed the children and the children missed me a lot, it is very obvious. I feel like I just gave birth basically, overwhelmed. Toan constantly wants to be in my arms or otherwise he cries. Very different from the first adoption experience. But I know it will only get better, it has to.
Merry Maids are coming this afternoon to help get a grip of the house. I have a hard time eating and as weird as it is to say, can't remember the last time I weighed this: 20 years old maybe?
My little guy saw a peadiatrician yesterday and we got the ball rolling, which is a good thing: blood tests, referral made to surgeon and occupational therapist.
I am anxious to see a routine set in, I know it will come with time.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Goodbye Vietnam

A very short post here. Going to the Canadian Consulate at 9 am and hopefully will get Toan's passport without a glitch. Flying out of HCMC at 12h55 pm. Will be in TO aroung 9pm on Monday night.
Please send good energy my way so everything goes smoothly.

Friday, July 8, 2011

High chair anyone?

Some pics for you!

Citizenship Granted

Well, we finally heard this morning that Toan had been granted Canadian citizenship. Too late though to obtain the passport today since the consulate closes at noon. I love the efficiency of our government btw. This is all I can and will say. So, I missed officially my chance to return on Saturday. Best case scenario, I will obtain it Monday morning, 2 hours before my flight scheduled for 13h00. If I miss that one, I will just buy another plane ticket for the next flight to Canada, I don't care about spending more money at this point.
Toan is being very difficult. We can't put him down at all. It's almost like he was scared he was going to wake up and the beautiful dream will have vanished. Easy to understand, but it is very demanding. He is eating very well and loves going to the pool.
I will have to cut this short again, he wants to be in my arms.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Things are not moving

We are stuck at the Singapore level. The person who takes care of the adoption cases over there is new at her job... which explains why we still do not have a confirmation of citizenship. And without the confirmation, no passport. I am an absolute nerve wreck right now with each passing hour. I highly doubt I will be leaving on Saturday and I am starting to question Monday. We basically have 2 more hours today to receive the confirmation so I can fly out on Saturday. And tomorrow Friday, all offices close at noon in Singapore and HCMC.
I just want to go back home, is it so hard to understand???

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hello from warm, sunny and humid HCMC

We were busy yesterday, touring around some more, laying by the pool which is BTW amazing, and going back to the Canadian consulate to make sure they had received a paper that needed to be faxed with Michael's signature on it to allow me to request a passport for Toan.
We treated ourselves to a nice americano coffee, in a coffee shop by the consulate. Expensive coffee, Starbucks like, but oh so good! Then we went to a propaganda shop called Dogma: very overpriced in my opinion. We finished our tour with Vietnam Quilt shop to look around.
This morning, we made our way to the Coopmart, a grocery store and I bought baby cereals for Toan, baby jars of fruit and some yogurt cause my lil Vietnamese prince loves to eat. I also got some inox chop sticks, more like a Korean style I guess.
We are planning on going back to the market later on today.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Canadian Consulate: check!

We had a very nice productive day. We went to the Canadian Consulate this morning to apply for Toan's passport, and if everything goes well, we will have it on Friday. After that, we went to the Notre-Dame Cathedral. I am not a believer for say, but it gave me some peace to go in there. We then went to a big flower market in District 3. My friend Claudia loves flowers and she even purchased some beautiful ones to decorate the apartment. After that, we went to Pho 24 and enjoyed a nice soup and spring rolls in a nice local atmosphere. Then we hit again the Ben Thanh market. So much to see and so much to smell! I was glad we were with a local person cause I can see you can easily pay too much when you are a tourist. However, the nice thing about it is that there is a section where the prices are fixed, so no bartering possible. I purchased quite a lot of stuff, including a nice traditional Vietnamese outfit for Toan.
After the market, we had an apointment with Dr. Jonathan who has been following Toan. So glad we went. Toan is seriously underweight and has been refusing milk for 3 days now. The dr's theory is that he was forced to drink for so long that he has a psychological issue with drinking. The thing that saves him is that at least he eats. However, he is incredibly constipated. So I left from there with a prescription of stool softener and a recommendation to lay off the formula. It will not make any difference anyway at this point. The main thing is to let him eat whatever he wants and try to keep the water down. He also made several recommendations for specialists when I get back to Canada. Lots of work ahead, but he is in good hands. He does not even fit in the curbs for weight. But you should see the lil boy move!!! Hard to keep up with him! So when we get home, olive oil in everything, 8% fat yogurt for the little prince, mashed potato with cream and so on. Everything mommy can't eat to stay somewhat healthy looking! Let's say Toan will not need to come to Weight Watchers every week with me!
Tomorrow, more shopping!
It is now pouring rain, Saigon style, and it feels good cause it got so hot!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Vietnamese procedures completed

We went out with two representatives from the agency to the Vietnamese Foreign Affairs and also to apply for Toan's Vietnamese passport this morning. We will have the Vietnamese passport on Friday July 8.
After that, we went to the Ben Than Market. It was very crowded on a Saturday so we will have to go back on Monday. I ordered 2 Aodais for myself, made to fit, total: 65 USD!!! They will be perfect for formal functions. They will be delivered here at the hotel tomorrow. I bought a t-shirt for each kid and a funny one for hubby. Toan got very impatient so we had to leave quickly and go for lunch. We found a beautiful Vietnamese restaurant with a buffet|: we ate too much but it was great food! We just came back to the hotel just in time before a huge Vietnamese style downpour.
It is so good to get to see Saigon. Tomorrow, we will walk to the Reunification Palace and go see Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Post Office, if by any chance it is open on Sunday.
Once the rain stops, we will make our way to the zoo and the botanical garden.
Toan is unstoppable, he discovered the power outlets and we have to block them with luggage... a future electrician???

Friday, July 1, 2011

My first encounter with my son, in images, for all of you dear readers, Part 2

My first encounter with my son, in images, for all of you dear readers.

June 23, 2011, Vung Tau, Vietnam, 11h15 am

Ceremony done!

I am happy to announce that the ceremony happened yesterday, like planned, at 14h30. Ceremony is a big word in this context. We thought there would have been a lot more into it. But it does not matter in the end, Aidan Toan is now Michael and I's son, forever. Toan was very oblivious to the whole thing, dressed like Tiger Woods, all clean and proper. The boat ride back was rough with a lot of rain. We experienced a typical HUGE downpour, Saigon way, when we got off the boat. Street water up to our ankles. And let's not get into the sewage system............... We got home drenched and found a note under our door this morning, kindly telling us that we should carry an umbrella at all times, and that if we get sick, to eat ginger and peppers. I am not used, and neither is Claudia, to being told what to do;)
We need to go to Vietnamese Foreign Affairs and to apply for the passports and theb Canadian citizenship. There is even a slight chance that we could fly out on Saturday, but I think it's a long shot. Anyhow, our flight back is scheduled for Monday July 11, and that is looking good for sure.