Sunday, August 28, 2016

Twins for Hope

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Twins for Hope

Our exciting adventure with Binh and Phuoc and the family has taken an even more exciting turn.  The Wagner Clan has welcomed a new member in the person of Binh's anonymous live liver donor.  Kris Chung is now part of our lives, in a big way.  We have gained a son, a brother, an ally, a best friend, you can call this whatever way you want if you absolutely feel compelled to give this relationship a name.  All I can say is that he fits the profile to be called family to a T!

Here is how it all happened: thanks to an anonymous tip given to me a few weeks after Binh's transplant, the mystery of who the anonymous donor was was ruined.  What was a curse for me at the beginning slowly turned into a blessing as Kris and I started to connect over the following year.  You can learn about how we got together in the following links:

I had always wanted to create something as a legacy for Binh and Phuoc: a way for them to give back after receiving so much from life. I shared my plans with Kris and he jumped right in, to my surprise, I must admit!

Twins for Hope was officially incorporated in June 2016 to become a Canadian based not for profit organization, with a focus on assisting children and families in need in Vietnam.  Twins for Hope wants to ensure that Vietnamese children in need receive medical, educational, and community support they deserve. This includes access to safe and secure shelter, medical attention and schooling, so that they can thrive and grow to be productive members of their community.

Twins for hope will work diligently to advocate for children that do not have a voice – giving them the opportunity to take part in society, thereby ensuring that the individual child as well as the greater community benefit from this untapped human potential. 

Twins for Hope is Kris Chung, Binh and Phuoc, and myself.  But Twins for Hope can't be without support.

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Yes, once again I am knocking at your door for help.  I am a crazy woman with crazy ideas.  Please join me in my craziness!!!