Tuesday, February 19, 2013

G-Tubes, Here We Are!

Good news, we finally got a surgery date for the girls' g-tubes: March 18 it will be.  We are happy since it seems like it will be easier on everyone, starting with the girls.  No more tube in the nose, no more tape to hold everything in place, no more checking placement for mom and dad.  Each girl has an enlarged liver and spleen which complicates the procedure a wee bit, but we are confident that they will do fine because they are little fighters.  They will have a piece of tube hanging out for about 6 weeks until the surgeon installs the Mic-Key button to cover.  Something else to learn about.  They both gained a lot of weight, each having finally reached 7kg.

We are heading to Ottawa on Thursday to meet with the hepathologist.  Michael and I are hoping that the girls will be referred to the transplant team in Toronto for assessment.  The itching has increased considerably and it is hard as parents to see them distressed and dependent on meds in order to get a bit of relief.  I have heard of biliary diversion (internal and external) to treat pruritus and I would like to hear what the specialist has to say.  Also, both Michael and I are willing to see if we could be living liver donors.  It will be a very interesting appointment and we are looking forward to it.

The last month has been busy for the Wagner family.  We celebrated Tet (Vietnamese New Year), eating yummy food and decorating our home with red lanterns, and everyone has gone back to their usual activities after the Christmas break.  Fiona enjoys her tap and karate, Grace her ballet, Rose her Pathfinders and karate, Noah his karate, and the last 3 little boys are busy with just about anything.  Liam and Logan go to school half time, and I started to take Toan to a little kids club 2 mornings a week.  I officially started my marathon training a month ago and Michael does a lot of his runs with me: it is our little special time.  My marathon is scheduled for the end of May, providing that I can remain injury free until then.  Since this will be my first one, I don't feel any pressure to beat a personal best, which makes the whole thing fun.

We are already starting to think about what next summer will bring and we have pretty fun ideas for the kids in mind.  All in simplicity.  Isn't it the best way to go???

I will write another post later on this week after the specialist in Ottawa.

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