Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What's Next?

They say when it rains it pours.  On Monday night I was home with the kids hoping for a nice evening reading stories and just hanging out.  I was just wrapping up a good hair wash on Liam, and I heard a loud ''bang'', just the sound cause I did not see anything.  I walked to our room to ask Toan to come and brush his teeth and I found Rose starting first aid with Noah.
Toan was lying on the floor like a snow angel with blood coming out of his mouth.  Well with Rose’s help we put a bandage on his mouth and I headed off to the emergency room while Johanne was with the twins at the other hospital, and Rose took care of the home front.  Yes, three out of nine children at the hospital at the same time.  Well after 2 hours, 2 stitches and one popsicle Toan and I went to see Mom because Toan needed a hug.  By the time I came back home, our amazing neighbours had relieved Rose at home.  By the time I made it out of the emergency room it started freezing rain and Johanne was uncomfortable with driving home so I did.  Johanne slept at the hospital and I slept at home for the first time in weeks.  That was pretty cool.  Just when I was ready to ask why this is happening to us, I was reminded that I do not have it all that bad.  There is an aboriginal family from northern Ontario with their son who has leukemia and they are now looking for some place to live while he receives his treatment.  Imagine moving to a new city, new culture away from all of your support network.   So in the spirit of the season I am asking anyone reading this while out shopping to buy a gift or a card and send or bring it to me: I will gather them all together and we all can be that family's secret Santa.  As they say it is better to give than receive.  I know they do not have much and they will be here until March. At least I am 15 min from home and I have a lot of friends around me to help out.  Also I found out that there is a teenage boy on this floor who for some reason has no one visiting him.  I walk by his room many times during the day and the only contact he has is the TV and the nurses.  By the tubes and machines I can see, he is sick.  Imagine being in your early teens facing something like that alone.  At least I have my girls with me here and they have me.  

On to the girls.  Tomorrow is the big day as they both will have a skin and liver biopsy and a MRI.  Johanne and I hope this is the first step in going home with a plan for the future.  It is scary to think they are going into surgery.  Toan did it twice but it is still scary.  To say the least I am worried and I hope everything works out.  As soon as they are out of
surgery and back in the room I will put a post up.

I am also preparing to go home with the girls.  We are going to need a spot for their medical supplies, a place to hang the feeding bags.  I need to get a letter to the city allowing me extra garbage bags (Kingston has a one bag limit regardless of your family size).  These girls produce a lot of garbage and most of it you would not want to see in the recycle bin.  Also, back-up has arrived in the form of Marie- Josée.  She will help us take care of things so Johanne and I can get ahead a bit and prep for the next 3 months: build a bit of reserve in the freezer of food and get the basics done, at least get ready for Christmas.

Again this post takes another direction.  Johanne was talking to friends of ours yesterday and the topic of parents shopping for the perfect child came up.  It seems like some potential adoptive parent are being very selective...    Let's all remember that the perfect child does not exist.  I am not saying people should take on what Johanne and I are into, you actually have to be somewhat crazy and off balanced to do that...  But potential adoptive parents I think should take the approach that they are not choosing their child, that the child has always been their child and that they just needed to travel another path which will only be made clear in time.  So I will be posting soon an article I wrote which
has been picked up by small newsletters and local papers.  

We will keep you posted following the biopsy tomorrow.

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