Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

It was only 10 days into 2012 when the journey to bring our 2 daughters home started.  Now that we are getting comfortable in our home and settling in with our new family reality we can look forward to the future and what 2013 will bring.

For the twins, we hope to see increased health, with lots of catch-up growth, physically, emotionally and developmentaly.

For Toan, we hope to see him become more secure and able to fall asleep on his own and without fear.  We are looking forward to see what his personality will grow into.  He will turn 3 in  June.  He is a joyful and charming little boy.

For Logan, we hope to see him happy in school and more confident when he has to spend some time away from mommy.  He has conquered most of his stutter in the last year and he is very good inn  French now.  He will turn 5 in August.  Logan is a very loving little man.

Liam, who will turn 5 in May, has also conquered a speech problem in the last year.  He will be starting school full time with Logan in September and we know he will do very well.  Liam is mommy's little blond guy.

Noah will turn 7 in April.  He is a very gentle and caring little boy who has a lot of compassion for others.  We hope Noah's dream comes true: Noah wants everyone in the world to be happy.

Grace will turn 10 in September.  She wears her name very well and puts it in practice during ballet lessons.  She loves having 2 real life dolls she can play with.  It's funny how a 19 months old girl is welcome in her room, and a two and a half years old boy is not.  We wish to see Grace overcome some of her shyness: there is some hope since mom used to be like her.........................................

Fiona will turn 12 in October.  A big year of transition between elementary school and highschool.  Lots of changes happening, a beautiful young girl blossoming.  A karate blue belt, who will continue to work on her passion, towards the next accomplishment, brown belt.  We wish for Fiona to be proud of who she is, on a daily basis.

And for our oldest, our Rose who will turn 13 in June.  Our trail blazer who seems to have to do everything first.  A student council representative this year in grade 7, a book worm, a walking encyclopedia.  A young girl proud of who she is, who will go very far.  We wish for Rose to continue onnher path and keep growing in wisdom.

Michael will probably change unit this year.  He wants to keep working on his French and hopes to beat his PB for another half-marathon.

Johanne wants to stay healthy so she can see 100 years old.  She hopes 2013 will be the year for her 1st marathon: she will do her best to avoid being hit by a car this year.

For the whole family, for all the Alagille angels out there, we are hoping for a cure.

For all the orphans left behind, we are hoping for prospective parents to open their hearts to the reality of special needs children. 

For Michael's and Johanne's parents, a year of serenity and health.

For all of our supporters, thank you, we could not do it without you.  A very happy new year to all.

For those who doubt us, just watch and stay tuned, because we are unbreakable.


The Wagner Clan xxx

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  1. Une super année à vous tous: santé, amour, espoir, confiance en la vie.