Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Dedication to Great Fighters

When I was younger, selfish and immature - and please, don't think I am being hard on myself as I really think at some point I was all of that (I BTW much prefer the person I see in the mirror now than the one I was seeing then) - so I was saying, I remember making a very shallow comment to my then husband-to-be in regards to cancer treatments: I told him that I would never seek treatment, that I would prefer dying with dignity, with my hair on my head.  Then he said something about our children - if we were to have any someday - and I think I sort of made a face meaning ''tough luck'' or something equally lacking of any substance.  Not one of my most glorifying moments, may I say.

Years went on, children arrived one by one.  And maturity set in.  I was preggo with number 4 and we were in Montreal.  Michael was working on finishing the basement while on leave after an Afghanistan tour.  I was pregnant up to my ears, barely able to move and we were listening to the radio.  There was a Shave for the Cure event at one children hospital in Montreal.  Then the light came on as if I got struck by lightning: I decided that I would do that when I ''grew up''.  Six years have gone by without doing anything.  My father-in-law I love and respect so much fought cancer 2 years ago but his treatments allowed him to keep his hair.  He won a very honourable fight against ''the bad guy''.

2012 and the beginning of 2013 have been defining so far: sickness touching people I love and respect around me and myself being able to thank Life everyday for being lucky enough to be healthy.  My daughters are fighting a daily battle against Alagille, my dad has health issues, and very recently, someone in our life has been diagnosed with cancer.

My Friend, I dedicate my new ''hairdo'' to you, to your fight.  Please accept this as a token of my respect and support.  I am only Joey and I can't do much about your enemy, but I can remind people on a daily basis that it is there, that it is a real battle for far too many.  I had a choice, you don't.  Let me support you morally, and all the other ones who are fighting on a daily basis, including my two little Vietnamese pearls.

Joey xxx

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