Saturday, January 5, 2013

Two Months Anniversary and GI Update

Today marks our two months adoption anniversary.  Looking back at it all, it is quite a blur: so much happened in such a short time, it almost made our heads spin!  It is amazing to see how fast we adjusted.  The girls are very comfortable and happy in their new environment, the other seven wonders love them, and Michael and I are settling in just fine with our new medical normal.  We have ventured out twice so far with the pumps, we just need to fine tune a few little details to make their use easier in public.

Phuoc came right out of her shell.  You have to watch her as she rolls all over the house.  She can travel quite a distance in a short time.  She has a ''silent but deadly'' side in her.  Gates and doors became mommy's new obsession: you have to obsess over something...!  Phuoc can now even sit up on her own for short periods of time.  She loves the ''saucer'' and has the cutest little shy smile.  We can work giggles out of her.  She seems to be the more independent of the two.

Binh is the little ''needy'' one.  She is fine as long as there are people around her.  Daddy walks into the room and she claps her hands with a big smile, tongue sticking out: he is her hero!  And it makes him feel like a king.  She is sturdier sitting up than her sister and loves sitting up in plastic bins....  To each their own.  So we have a Binh in a bin.  Daddy bought a cute pink one for her.  She does not venture out as much as Phuoc yet, but moves around on her back, pushing on her feet.  I am thinking I should attach a Swiffer on the back of her shirts.  Binh giggles a l-o-t!

In both cases, we are getting chubbier, growing double chins, big thighs and a bum!

On to GI news.  The doctor phoned us yesterday to give us more feedback on further results that came back.  It looks like damage to both livers is very minimal so far, with no sign of cirrhosis.  Very good news.  We will be getting g-tubes once the girls a beefier (March???).  We are still waiting for genetic testing results to come back to confirm 100% Alagille.  GI doctor needs one last blood test to rule out one last suspicion: biopsy showed some indications that they *could* have Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency (AAT).  We will be meeting with her on January 24 and she will then make a referral to CHEO in Ottawa for a consultation with the hepatologist.

Hubby is going back to work on Monday, children are going back to school as well, mommy will be resuming a normal routine, only with more children now.  We loved being together, all 11 of us for the holidays.  It will make me sad to see them go on Monday morning!  A busy week ahead with dietician home visit on Monday, blood test for the twins and ENT for the younger 3 boys on Tuesday, and dentist with the younger 5 on Friday.  Binh and Phuoc will be quite a case for the dentist: a lot of teeth erupted in the last 2 months with the increased nourishment, however, they need a lot of TLC.  I have a feeling they will need to be put under for her to do what she needs to do, so I will see if she could do her work when they get their g-tubes installed.  More to think about for mommy;)

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  1. Wow 2 months already. You guys are doing an AWESOME job not just with the girls, but as a family in general. I truly admire your strength,courage and dedication to all your children. I honestly don't know how you do it!!
    I think of you often and tell as many people as i can about your journey.
    We are still on holidays in Australia, with another 2 weeks before we go back to our busy routine, i am cherishing this time. Next week our former foster daughter is coming to stay with us for 5 days, can't wait to see her.
    I love reading your updates.
    Love to you all
    Marnie Burgess..( Somerset Vietnam)