Sunday, January 18, 2015

Hitting so many ''Likes''!

Our media campaign has been fruitful!  We have hit over 600 Likes on our Facebook page.

On Tuesday Jan 20, there will even be a Jamberry fundraiser for Binh and Phuoc: you are all welcome to join in for an evening of fun, in the comfort of your home ;)

People are being so generous!  So many are coming forward with encouraging words, it is like a boost!

My dear husband Michael left for Toronto this afternoon.  He is to be seen again for further assessment by the transplant team at Toronto General.  Could he possibly end up being a donor for one of the twins???  Wouldn't this be amazing?

Please make note that my husband is to appear on TV on Tuesday Jan 20 on Canada AM (CTV network) around 8h30 Ontario time.

There is also an article in Thoi Bao this week about us.  Thoi Bao is the weekly Vietnamese newspaper from Toronto-Montreal-Vancouver.

Between the general public, the Military community and the Vietnamese community, the word is getting around!


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