Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Keeping Busy, While Waiting

Somedays, it feels like we are watching the kettle, waiting for the water to boil.

It also reminds me of how I felt at the end of each pregnancy: you know it will happen, you try to be ready at all times with a clean house, working out every little detail, and then you go to bed at night and realize it wasn't the day!  I remember those days so well...

Aside from the media campaign, I still have to keep busy: mom of 9 wouldn't want to be lazy...!

I had a very productive day.  I went out for a run this morning and it felt very good.  I went yesterday and it did not feel so good with a temperature of 26 Celsius below zero with the windchill factor!  I officially started my half-marathon training for the race in Ottawa at the end of May.  Last big racing event I did was my marathon (42.2k) 2 years ago.  I have been battling injuries since and had whooping cough last winter, which forced me to stop right in the middle of a full marathon training I was supposed to do last May.  I worked up my distance to 26k.  I remember that Sunday, I was supposed to do 19k.  I added a few more, in honour of a little girl with Alagille who had just had a transplant that very same week.  Beautiful little R truly inspired me that day...

The half is a nice distance (21.1k), not too too time consuming, and I hope to be able to do all the training in spite of the transplants.  And it will also keep me honest with myself.  Running makes me feel good, once I come back home;)  We are experiencing quite the frigid temperatures this winter, and it makes for easy excuses not to go out.  But I have had a big ball of tears in my throat for weeks now, and the only time it comes out, is when I am running.  Crying while running outside under very cold temps hurts the cheeks ;)  It should get better with warmer weather.
I am just randomly babbling here...  I just went to shut off Phuoc's feeding pump and lost my train of thoughts.  I will lose it again in a few minutes when Binh's beeps...  Just like a fog horn in the night.  It is what it sounds like,when it beeps in your sleep, I am telling you!  And then, you pretend you are sleeping sound... until your husband gets up to shut it off...  Same routine with the baby crying at night...  I had a lot of valuable training with that ;)

Back to my productive day...

Since the twins will be immunocompromised after transplants, I decided that there could be no hidden dust in the house: so I had all the duct work for heating and AC cleaned up by a very nice and professional man.  I was so impressed by his service!  And I killed two birds with one stone!  He also was able to provide carpet cleaning services.  So I had the 2 stairways done.  It feels good tonight to know that we can breathe good quality air!  I also secured house cleaning services weekly for the time I will be away in Toronto.  The very nice lady who makes awesome cookies and who is known to be quite magical, aka Grammie, does not need to worry about that, on top of taking care of 7 grandchildren...!  And to make sure I was keeping busy, I spent every spare moment tending to our Facebook page enquiries and talking to more media people.

Hubby left for Toronto today for the last steps before transplant.  No, WE DO NOT have a date yet!  I want to enjoy each day before the first transplant to the fullest with the twins.  I had the chance today to enjoy their crankiness to the fullest since they were really in a bad mood this morning!  And they feed off each other during those days.

No news either about the 2nd donor.  All I know is that they can only assess one potential donor at a time for each twin.  And since one donor has been found already, it means one person through the mill at a time.

Time to go to bed, morning will come soon enough!

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