Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Let's see how this works...

Well, here I am, doing what I swore I would never do, hosting a blog.  I never thought our life was that interesting to justify writing about it.  We are very ordinary people and we do not intend to show off in any way through this media of communication.  However, as things tend to get very busy around here, I thought this would be the best way for me to keep you all informed on what is happening with our newest adventure, the adoption of our 7th wonder, Aidan Toan.
This is probably why I decided to start this blog, so my friends and loved ones can find out what is happening, all at once.
Also, I intend to try to keep it active while I am in Vietnam and let you share with me this wonderful trip through my comments and pictures.
I hope you enjoy it!
Humbly Yours,

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  1. merci Johanne de nous permettre de suive votre belle aventure avec ce blog