Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Good news from the adoption agency

I just received a phone call from the agency.  Things are moving along well apparently.  My papers are on their way to the Ministry so they can issue the final paperwork I need before I leave, a Letter of no Objection.
Last week, I received my 3 original copies of the power of attorney I need to bring with me in order to be allowed to adopt on my own while Michael stays behind with the other 6 children.  I had to send the 3 copies to the Vietnamese Embassy for them to legalize each one.  Also, I should receive my travel package from the agency with all the information for the trip and my immigration papers.
I have to say that the procedures are different when you adopt from different provinces, it seems.  Looks like there are more steps in Ontario compared to the procedures in Québec.
It sure seems like a long time has passed since we received the proposal on January 10.  Our life has been on hold since then, always wondering when I will travel to get Aidan Toan.  He will be turning 1 year old on June 18.  Hopefully, I will be with him on that special day, here in Canada with the rest of the family.
Going out for speed training tonight, better get that supper ready!

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