Friday, July 1, 2011

Ceremony done!

I am happy to announce that the ceremony happened yesterday, like planned, at 14h30. Ceremony is a big word in this context. We thought there would have been a lot more into it. But it does not matter in the end, Aidan Toan is now Michael and I's son, forever. Toan was very oblivious to the whole thing, dressed like Tiger Woods, all clean and proper. The boat ride back was rough with a lot of rain. We experienced a typical HUGE downpour, Saigon way, when we got off the boat. Street water up to our ankles. And let's not get into the sewage system............... We got home drenched and found a note under our door this morning, kindly telling us that we should carry an umbrella at all times, and that if we get sick, to eat ginger and peppers. I am not used, and neither is Claudia, to being told what to do;)
We need to go to Vietnamese Foreign Affairs and to apply for the passports and theb Canadian citizenship. There is even a slight chance that we could fly out on Saturday, but I think it's a long shot. Anyhow, our flight back is scheduled for Monday July 11, and that is looking good for sure.

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