Monday, July 4, 2011

Canadian Consulate: check!

We had a very nice productive day. We went to the Canadian Consulate this morning to apply for Toan's passport, and if everything goes well, we will have it on Friday. After that, we went to the Notre-Dame Cathedral. I am not a believer for say, but it gave me some peace to go in there. We then went to a big flower market in District 3. My friend Claudia loves flowers and she even purchased some beautiful ones to decorate the apartment. After that, we went to Pho 24 and enjoyed a nice soup and spring rolls in a nice local atmosphere. Then we hit again the Ben Thanh market. So much to see and so much to smell! I was glad we were with a local person cause I can see you can easily pay too much when you are a tourist. However, the nice thing about it is that there is a section where the prices are fixed, so no bartering possible. I purchased quite a lot of stuff, including a nice traditional Vietnamese outfit for Toan.
After the market, we had an apointment with Dr. Jonathan who has been following Toan. So glad we went. Toan is seriously underweight and has been refusing milk for 3 days now. The dr's theory is that he was forced to drink for so long that he has a psychological issue with drinking. The thing that saves him is that at least he eats. However, he is incredibly constipated. So I left from there with a prescription of stool softener and a recommendation to lay off the formula. It will not make any difference anyway at this point. The main thing is to let him eat whatever he wants and try to keep the water down. He also made several recommendations for specialists when I get back to Canada. Lots of work ahead, but he is in good hands. He does not even fit in the curbs for weight. But you should see the lil boy move!!! Hard to keep up with him! So when we get home, olive oil in everything, 8% fat yogurt for the little prince, mashed potato with cream and so on. Everything mommy can't eat to stay somewhat healthy looking! Let's say Toan will not need to come to Weight Watchers every week with me!
Tomorrow, more shopping!
It is now pouring rain, Saigon style, and it feels good cause it got so hot!

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