Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sorry for my silence...

This will be short as life is very busy here... Coming back was a lot more difficult than I had anticipated, the jetlag for Toan and I is hard to overcome. I missed the children and the children missed me a lot, it is very obvious. I feel like I just gave birth basically, overwhelmed. Toan constantly wants to be in my arms or otherwise he cries. Very different from the first adoption experience. But I know it will only get better, it has to.
Merry Maids are coming this afternoon to help get a grip of the house. I have a hard time eating and as weird as it is to say, can't remember the last time I weighed this: 20 years old maybe?
My little guy saw a peadiatrician yesterday and we got the ball rolling, which is a good thing: blood tests, referral made to surgeon and occupational therapist.
I am anxious to see a routine set in, I know it will come with time.

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