Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hello from warm, sunny and humid HCMC

We were busy yesterday, touring around some more, laying by the pool which is BTW amazing, and going back to the Canadian consulate to make sure they had received a paper that needed to be faxed with Michael's signature on it to allow me to request a passport for Toan.
We treated ourselves to a nice americano coffee, in a coffee shop by the consulate. Expensive coffee, Starbucks like, but oh so good! Then we went to a propaganda shop called Dogma: very overpriced in my opinion. We finished our tour with Vietnam Quilt shop to look around.
This morning, we made our way to the Coopmart, a grocery store and I bought baby cereals for Toan, baby jars of fruit and some yogurt cause my lil Vietnamese prince loves to eat. I also got some inox chop sticks, more like a Korean style I guess.
We are planning on going back to the market later on today.

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