Friday, July 8, 2011

Citizenship Granted

Well, we finally heard this morning that Toan had been granted Canadian citizenship. Too late though to obtain the passport today since the consulate closes at noon. I love the efficiency of our government btw. This is all I can and will say. So, I missed officially my chance to return on Saturday. Best case scenario, I will obtain it Monday morning, 2 hours before my flight scheduled for 13h00. If I miss that one, I will just buy another plane ticket for the next flight to Canada, I don't care about spending more money at this point.
Toan is being very difficult. We can't put him down at all. It's almost like he was scared he was going to wake up and the beautiful dream will have vanished. Easy to understand, but it is very demanding. He is eating very well and loves going to the pool.
I will have to cut this short again, he wants to be in my arms.

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