Wednesday, October 17, 2012

''Getting Ready'' part 2

As I was driving this morning and thinking about my very long to-do list, I realized I omitted a couple important points.

Adoptive parents who are asking for a Canadian passport for an adopted child while abroad must produce a list of references of people who will act as guarantors.  These people will be contacted by the Canadian consulate to verify your identity and that they are aware that an adoption procedure is taking place.  So 4 references of people who know you well and are not family members.  You must have in hand their full names, of course ;) and complete address and telephone numbers they may be reached at.

We also made sure that the household is in order.  First and most important, we redid our wills.  We also prepared a ''Family Binder'' with all kind of important information in regards to how the family works: important phone numbers, health info on the children including a plastic sheet with slots for health cards, family schedule with all extra-curricular activities, school calendar and contact, library passes and gym passes.  I made sure I emailed all the teachers to let them know what was happening.

Contacting the institutions where you have your credit cards to let them know about transactions that will take place in a different setting is also a good idea.

Travel insurance: some credit cards carry a good one, but there is also Blue Cross for a minimal fee.

We filled the freezers to the brim and I also secured a cleaning service to come to the house the day before we come back.

Being organized is the key!

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