Monday, October 22, 2012

So Much To Be Thankful For...

As our travel date is getting closer and closer, I have to pinch myself to make sure this is not a dream.  This is our 3rd adoption and it might be the last.  I am trying to live every moment like I did towards the end of my last 2 pregnancies, realizing that we were getting towards the end of the belly baby era.  Will this be the end of the adoption era, only time will tell.  But all I can say is that I am grateful, and for so many reasons.
Grateful that I woke up some day and decided to get a grip on my health, losing the weight and after taking to running.
Grateful for those running friends I met and with whom I conquered distances I never thought I would be able to achieve.  Can't wait to reach my marathon goal with them in 2013.  You running buddies mean a lot to me.
Grateful for friends who have been so generous in helping us get ready for those twins, or who are there to listen to us without judging us.  They like our kind of craziness.
Grateful for newer friends who are opening their hearts to us and with whom we feel so at ease, confirming to us that friendship goes well beyond the barriers of race or religion.  We love you guys.
Grateful for amazing children who display such a huge openness of heart and mind and trust us through this big adventure.
Grateful for all the people involved in our adoption file and who are dedicated to the cause of orphans.  Thank you for once again helping us reach our dream.
Grateful that I have everything anyone could wish for: a roof over my head, a loving bunch of children, a loving husband, food on my plate, heat, water, democracy.  Wehave it all and we still want more.

And above it all, grateful that I showed up in that place in Aug 1994 and met my life partner, my partner in crime, the guy who is crazy enough to share the same dreams.  Nothing can stop us and it is the most comforting feeling one can have.  The guy who can potentially drive me nuts the most and who I know enough to drive equally crazy;)  I love him more than words can tell and him and I will be the oldest 2 globetrotters, watch us!

Packing is almost all done, amazing what a Logistics officer can put in suitcases;)

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