Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What's in ''Getting Ready''???

You can't go and travel halfway around the world to go get one or two babies on a whim.  In addition to all the paperwork required and all the procedures one has to go through *before* getting a referral for a child, there is still a lot to think about when comes the time to get ready for the travel.  I thought I would sum up what has been done so far as it could possibly help people who are at their first adoption experience.

While waiting for the referral, we made sure all our vaccination was up-to-date and went for some updates.  The travellers' clinic here in Kingston was a good point of reference.  We yet have to take our dose of Dukoral to help prevent traveller's diarrhea.  Since we both have used it within the last 5 years, we only need the one dose.  If you have never used it, you need 2 doses so planning ahead is a good idea.

Michael and I have opted to take the malaria medication as we might travel off the beaten paths.  Maybe we are being extra cautious but hey...

As soon as we got our Giving and Receiving ceremony date, I contacted the travel agent to book our tickets and arrange to get our visas.  The travel agent suggested by the agency offers an excellent service.  Some people want to nickel and dime with their tickets and end up running into trouble if they want to change their return dates.  We will only be an email away from being able to change our dates if the procedures go faster than we anticipate in Vietnam.  The travel agency has made a lot of arrangements for adoptions before and you have to put your trust in them.

Also, for parents who travel alone while the other parent stays behind, you may have to complete power of attorneys that will have to be certified by the embassy here in Canada.  It is the case for Vietnam.

As far as the hotel goes in Vietnam, again, following the advice of the agency is your best bet.  The agency refers mainly to the one hotel/resort with which they have a long standing relastionship and a fair deal.  Also, people tend to forget that if everyone goes to the same place, it makes it a lot easier on the very dedicated person who works for the agency over there.  She is extremely graceful and takes a lot from people.  However, she is not there to service us, she is there to help us and it is our duty as adoptive parents to take our responsibilities and help her help us.  The Somerset Ho Chi Minh has a lot to offer.  A beautiful pool, friendly people who work there, nice gym facilities, very clean, and the food is good.

About the food: when in Vietnam, you should not expect to have North American food like you would have here.  As I always say to my children, ''when in Rome, do like the Romans''.  When in Vietnam, embrace the adventure and take it all in.  That's my thought anyway.

One last point, a very important one for parents who decide to travel alone while the other parent stays home: when comes the time to ask for the Canadian passport for the child, the parent who stays behind will have to go to a passport office in Canada to sign a consent form PPT 028 while the other parent is in the country where the adoption is taking place.  Canada will then fax the signed form to the country.

That's it for now, next post will be about ''What to Bring???''

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  1. So excited to be reading your blog - thank you for taking us along in your journey! Nancy