Friday, October 19, 2012

What should we bring?

The baggage allowance with your airline will greatly influence how much you can take with you.  As this is our 3rd adoption, and since this time we are talking about twins who are older than our previously adopted children at time of adoption, we will have to do things a little differently this time.  Mainly for comfort for us.  We are getting older and crabbier ;) I guess!!!

All kidding aside, we decided this time that we will bring 2 umbrella strollers for the hotel, where the babies can nap by the pool or during meals if they are not up to eating.  Mainly a place to put them down by our side.  Now, don't think that you can actually use strollers in Saigon.  Sidewalks are very busy with mopeds, people squatting preparing meals, vendors...  With that being said, it is almost a necessity to have a baby carrier with you.  It also helps parents and baby bond together and keeps baby safe close to you.  I love my sling, in fact, all my children have been carried in a sling.  Michael does not care for it, so I went to a consignement shop and got him a Baby Bjorn, never used for $15.  We will each carry a baby on us and switch from time to time.  Since our switch in Taipei is relatively short on the way back, I will probably donate the strollers to the hotel to be used by other families.  No need to bring them back.

Here is a list of a few things I can think of that we will put in our luggage:
-bubble wrap and tape (to wrap breakables on the way back)
-baby cereals and jars of prunes to beat constipation
-baby Tylenol, Advil, nail clippers, a good all-in-one cream (I like Bobos Cream from Souris Verte)
-Rescue remedy (for baby anxiety, even good for parents...!)
-Vitarom Formule 1 for upper respiratory infections: a lot of ba bies end up being a little bit sick when  they come out of the orphanage
-Nix cream (4 tubes in our case) to treat scabies: yes, often the little darlings have scabies so you have to treat baby and yourself as well.  Don't fret, you will survive this!
-Diapers: we decided to bring our, if they fit in the luggage.  Mainly because we already had them
-baby formula: we do not believe it is a good idea to switch their main source of nutrition while over there.  Plan on bringing back formula to transition once home.
-bottles: see what they are used to at the orphanage and buy a few over there.  Transition once back home.
-baby toothbrushes and toothpaste
-nailpolish to distinguish the 2 twin girls!!!
-baby clothes: we think 4 changes of clothes is enough for each girl as we will wash every day over there.  Swimmers for the pool are great!
-a warmer outfit for the trip back on the plane, preferably footless as often, the children are not used to wearing stuff on their feet.  Michael ended up having to cut the ends of Logan's pj on the flight back!  Socks are easier to remove!
-our personal meds and also Imodium (ya just never know when the pipes might start banging...), melatonine (helps reset the clocks), but a lot of stuff is available over there so don't overstuff your luggage.

In addition to all that, you also need to think of gifts for different people over there: the orphanage director, the vice-director, the people working for the agency over there, the nannies who took care of your child(ren).  Your agency will be your best bet to get suggestions and guidance.

We also are bringing with us cases of chalk for the children of the 2 orphanages we will be visiting.  They should have a lot of fun with that!

We also prepare a binder with all the relevant paperwork we need to bring with us.

As far as clothing for yourself goes, you must investigate what the customs of the country you are visiting are in order to avoid offending local people.

That's it for now, I am sure I will think of more stuff I forgot!

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