Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ceremony Tomorrow!!!

Finally, Toan will officially become our son tomorrow, in Vung Tau at 14h30. I think a lot of people worked in this case to speed things up and it worked. We will take the hydrofoil at 12h30 and it takes 1h30 minutes to get there. We took the road back from Vung Tau, 3 hours long, 2 days ago. I'd rather stick to the boat, let me tell you. The road conditions are not very good. On our way back, we got to see another orphanage, Vung Tau 3. we did not go in though.
Our representative came over today and we prepared all the paperwork. After that, she took us out on a tour and I am so happy she did. What I saw was beautiful, and sort of reconciled me with what I had seen so far. It's the first time in my life I really see the face of poverty. But people don't look miserable. They are happy with very little. Vietnamese people are good to their young ones. They always come to see Toan to touch him and they take great pride in the fact that he is Vietnamese. She took us out shopping and I was able to buy some dvds for him in Vietnamese, some books with Vietnamese physionomies, and a cd of Vietnamese lullabyes.
I am sorry for my silence of the last couple days, it's been hard for me. I have not slept a lot since I left Canada and I sort of got myself spinning in circle with my worries. To my friend K who is coming soon, bring sleeping pills, they might come in handy. I wish I had brought some.
Toan is doing well, he is crawling all over the place, he is blooming! Not a big drinker though, we have to force him to do so. He likes his cereals, green stuff we decided to call Shrek cereals: very gross looking and smelling, and above all, gross tasting. But I guess when you are 1 and never have been exposed to anything alse, they are the cat's ass! He tasted bananas this morning and liked it.
The hotel here is super! Claudia just found a lizard in the bathroom and I called room service: I think they might still be making fun of us downstairs, in Vietnamese of course! The apartment is so clean and the sheets are so comfy, if I could only sleep! Which is what I will try to do now. So after the ceremony, I will be able to post pics, hopefully tomorrow evening.

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