Thursday, June 23, 2011

I met my son!

Made it to Vung Tau by boat this morning, what an adventure... The boat was fine, it's getting on and off the boat that was tricky with our luggage, having to walk over the open water on basically 2 planks of wood...

Then we went to the orphanage just before noon. I can't describe how I felt. It was weird to finally see the first home of 2 of my sons. We went to meet with the director and I gave her 2 big bags of meds purchased with money I collected, along with other miscellaneous stuff brought from Canada such as over the counter meds and school supplies.

And then came the big moment. We went upstairs and walked towards his ward. I took my shoes off before entering the room, scanning all the little faces and little cribs and recognized him right away, sleeping in his crib. He is so beautiful and so very tiny. He looks more like a 6 months old than a 1 year old. He is very fragile and will need us so much. Then he woke up and looked at me before giving me a big grin. What a gift! I picked him up and he nestled in my neck. The director allowed us to take him with us at the hotel, even though I don't have the legal custody yet. He is not drinking a lot, he is lacking a lot of tonus. I really can see where the suspicion of cerebral palsy comes from and that's ok, everything will be just fine. I already love him.

My file will be released from the DA tomorrow and brought in person to Vung Tau at the dept of Justice. Looking good for ceremony next week. Until then, will be staying in VT.

I need to go try to sleep, I am so tired.

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  1. je suis tellement heureuse pour toi Johanne,quel beau moment de bonheur que tu partages avec nous,merci.