Monday, June 27, 2011

Leaving Vung Tau

We decided that we will leave from Vung Tau tomorrow and go back to the Hotel in HCMC to wait for the ceremony which will take place later on this week. We will then do a round trip back to VT.
My dossier arrived today from the DA in Hanoi to the Dept of Justice in Vung Tau.
We just went back to the orphanage to say goodbye and to see the nurse, a very nice gentleman. He drained Toan's nose and treated his mouth which broke out with a fungus this morning. I left with some glycerine to help him produce a nice big poop: I have yet to see a poop come out of this little guy! We weighed him and he is 6.85 KG, a little format for sure for 12 months. I was looking around at all the older little kids and they seem to be happy, not the typical mental image we have of orphanages. The nannies are really attached to the kids and it's easy to see. There is a joie de vivre in there.
I think we have seen what we needed to see of Vung Tau, I am anxious to move on towards a little bit more comfort let's say...
So, let's all hope for a ceremony as soon as possible so I can get back to Canada with my little treasure pronto.

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