Saturday, June 25, 2011

News from Vung Tau

Sorry for my silence. The wifi signal at the Residence where we are in Vung Tau is very weak and somewhat unreliable. I am taking a chance here, hoping to be able to finish the post before I lose the signal.
This is a very overwhelming experience. I arrived one week too early in Vietnam before the procedures were ready for the ceremony of adoption. Last I heard, the DA in Hanoi has approved the dossier. It only needs to be stamped. The agency employee who works in Hanoi will bring the dossier in Vung Tau on Monday to the Dept of Justice. Ceremony should take place next week. Apparently, it goes faster with a special needs baby. As soon as this happens, we will go back to HCMC where we will apply for Toan's Vietnamese and Canadian passports, as well as for his citizenship. But I understand why I am here. Toan needed me here now. Last I heard about his weight was in January, 12 pounds. He now weighs 14 pounds. We discovered quickly that he has absolutely no succion reflex, so we feed him with a cup, pouring the milk in his mouth. He is very small, and I wonder if he was not prematurely born. We will never know. He has poor muscle tone. But can I say that he is a wonderful little guy? He is starting to climb on me and when he smiles, it is all worth it! He is sick now with a cold and a small fever. Poor little fighter. He loves to sleep between the 2 French ladies, a real guy!
I can't post pictures until the Giving and Receiving ceremony. My dear husband posted a pic on Facebook but will remove it, he just didn't know. SO, people, YOU HAVE NOT seen pics yet (wink, wink).
I am looking forward to going back to HCMC, at the hotel. They have a beautiful pool and a gym with treadmills. The apartment is really nice and comfy. I think I might take Toan to see the doctor in HCMC if his cold persists. As I said, he is a very weak little boy and that worries me.
I REALLY miss Michael and the children, being away from them is hard. But I try to focus on the job being done, it will be wonderful when we are all together, the 9 of us.
We walked a lot in Vung Tau and we are planning on going back to the orphanage later today, after Toan's nap. It got really warm so we came back to our room for a bit of rest. Well, that's it for today, looks like I was lucky this time!


  1. We miss you to, but are doing fine. We love you and you have an important job to do. We all love you big like the sky,

  2. merci des nouvelles,

    Bientôt vous serez tous réunis à la maison.