Monday, June 20, 2011

In Toronto

I arrived in Toronto by bus around 3:15 pm and I have to wait for my flight to Taipei until 1:30 am....that's a long time. My friend will be meeting me here at the airport aroung 8:30. I like the WI-FI so I can kill a bit of time.

The departure this morning was harder than I had anticipated. I knew I would react but didn't think the kids would be upset. It is kind of bittersweet: you are excited to go get a little baby but you are sad to leave everyone behind.

I don't know yet when the ceremony will be, found out prior to leaving from Kingston that my papers are still at the DA in Hanoi... Let's hope for a ceremony on either Friday or Saturday. All I know is that I will get to meet Toan on Thursday, in Vung Tau. Can't wait!

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