Sunday, November 4, 2012

A New Day

Michael and I woke up early today after a restless night of worrying about all of our children.  Morning came and Michael went to the gym for an hour and I stayed getting ready for the day and skyped home.  I miss my seven deeply and seeing them makes me feel so much closer.  We went for a very good breakfast at the Hotel restaurant.  There is nothing like pho in the morning.

After breakfast, we took a cab to the post office to exchange some money.  I like Vietnam cause you get to carry million dollar bills!

Then we headed to the orphanage to visit with our darlings.  Binh does not like strangers.  Phuoc is more oblivious to the whole thing.  We have decided to divide and conquer.  Since I have a much bigger tendency to wrap myself around the axle, Michael took Binh and I took Phuoc.  It took a while for Binh to stop crying and accept his loving arms.  By the way, they cry like little kittens, no strength there.  We managed to feed them their cereals and some yogurt and watched them with amazement as they were crawling commando style!!!

 We met a very nice couple from Italy, who live here in HCMC, and are also in the process of adopting.  Nice people we will do our best to stay in contact with. 

We stayed until lunch, when visiting hours end, and went to the Coopmart.  We got some food and blankets and cushions for the girls.

Back to the hotel we went for a break and then another trip to the orphanage to spend the afternoon with the girls.  We are making baby steps.  The afternoon went much better than the morning.  I have always thought my husband is a handsome dude, but you should have seen him with teary eyes, holding his little Binh in his arms: a beautiful moment to watch, just like each time I have seen him hold our babies for the first time.  I think they were exchanging deep secrets…!

Another victory came, and I know for some it will sound weird, but the girls actually cried when we left!  The old monkey side of me would say that some bonding is taking place…!

Tomorrow, La Thi Binh and La Thi Phuoc, will forever become Iris Binh Wagner and Sage Phuoc Wagner.  The Giving and Receiving Ceremony is scheduled for the morning.  After that, we will be able to share pictures with you all.

We don’t know if they will sleep here with us for the first little while.  It is not about us.  We have to show understanding and flexibility in their best interest.  Their parental figures are the wonderful nannies and their home is the orphanage.  Michael and I are truly in the presence of saints: those ladies give it all.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, we do feel some warmth.


  1. J'aurais voulu voir Michael avec la petite dans les bras. Bises aux "chatons" Iris Binh et Sage Phuoc.
    À demain,
    Ta cousine

  2. what a wonderful update. You two are such an inspiration!

  3. I will pray for you and your new daughters as you become family tomorrow. Only 4 years ago my husband and I adopted our son from VN and I remember the anxious night before the G and R ceremony. We have all been blessed as I know you will be.

  4. Thank you everyone, we need good energy coming this way.