Tuesday, November 6, 2012

We Thought We Had it Right...!

Michael and I left Canada fully prepared with diapers, clothes and everything the girls would need for the time we would be in Vietnam.  After 2 million VND later (about $100 USD) we think we might have it right.  The girls are in newborn size diapers and clothes.  We needed blankets, bibs (it is like we are new at this) and some little cute things because Michael is soft for little girls.  Binh has him right where she needs him to be.  The girls are doing well.  They eat very well and are now drinking milk and water on a regular basis.  Michael and I are finally feeling comfortable.  This being said, the girls are sick.  They have a problem with their liver.  That is all we know right now.  Their skin is yellow as well as the whites of their eyes, their stool is white and urine is brown, all symptoms of liver problems.  In addition, the girls are very underweight (10 and 10 1/2 pounds).  They do eat well but they eat many little meals in a day.  They are twins, they like to be together.   They spend much of their time in the room on the floor playing with each other.   Phuoc is the little bully and takes the toys away from Binh.  Last night, they did sleep from 8h00 to 4h00.  They both took a bottle and went back to sleep.  The girls both avoid eye contact with Michael and I which is normal as they still do not know who we are and why we took them from the only home they had ever known.  It will take time but they will come to trust and love us as we already love them.  They like to go out and see the sights and sounds of HCMC, they seem to like being in the baby slings which is good as it makes it easy for us to go out and see the sites which we plan to do this week with the girls.  What else happening today?  We went to the Canadian consulate to apply for the passports.  For some unknown reason, take between 5 and 7 days to be issued.  DFAIT needs to do a back ground check on two 10 pound little girls who might have terrorist ideas. 
In this case, the Canadian authorities might help us out in speeding the process up so our girls can be seen by doctors asap in Canada.

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  1. Nouvelles encourageantes des petites.
    Ta cousine