Thursday, November 1, 2012

Familiar Faces

Yes, there were familiar faces at the orphanage.  Heartbreaking.  Feeling of helplessness from Michael and I.  A gentle pat on the back here, holding a hand there, soothing a poor child bedridden crying, showing another cute little boy how to do high 5s, what else can we do???  The only thing that brought us comfort today is the wise words from our friend from the agency: she believes that if you have a difficult life now, you will have an easier time in your next life.  We toured the facilities, Michael reliving his experience from 4 years ago when he picked up Logan, myself remembering my experience with Toan last year.  Both of us wondering how our sons will react when we bring them back to their country to visit someday.  So many children in need of care and love.  Yet, many still expect the perfect child.

We left the orphanage and went to the local seafood market.  We saw the world's largest shrimps and a wack of other sea creatures, among roosters and stray dogs.  Not your typical Clearwater, but the smell was pretty much the same: fresh seafood!

We had a nice lunch at the Lan Rung Resort, where they also have a Costco-Kirkland Made in USA gift shop!  Expensive north american crap made in China.  That stuff crossed the ocean twice!

After leaving our friend at the boat, Michael and I walked around and did some shopping in the busy shopping district of Vung Tau. 

We went to see the hospital where we believe the boys might have been born and that was also an emotional moment for us.  It has been a great experience to walk the streets where our sons are from.

We had supper at a popular expats joint, Tommy's, whose owner is a friendly Australian with many links in the Vung Tau community and is known to be quite charitable, including the local orphanage.

Tomorrow, we plan on doing some good old fashioned sightseeing: Jesus Statue, pagoda, maybe Maison Blanche, we will see where our feet lead us.

Skyped with the kids who seem to be very happy.  Our friends looking after them are fantastic people, and without them, this would not have been possible.  We love you guys, thank you for giving us this opportunity.

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