Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Break Out the Snow Suits and the Maple Syrup: They are Canadians!

Something I have taken for granted some many times has been given to my two little girls.  They are now Canadian Citizens.  We need to wait for their Vietnamese passports and for their Canadian passports and we can come home.  If all goes well we will be home on Nov 13, which is great: as soon as we get home we can reunite our family and truly start the next chapter.  In addition, the girls can start the medical care they so urgently need.  The girls have an appointment tomorrow with a doctor to ensure they can make the 36hr trip to Canada safely.  Once we get the girls checked out we will spend the rest of our time to see the sites of the girls' hometown.

We were very fortunate to collect a lot of money from dear friends and coworkers before our departure to make a donation to the orphanage.  We asked the orphanage what was needed and we started to purchase the stuff today and will finish tomorrow.  We got diapers, faceclothes, cereals, crackers and other snacks, condensed milk, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, all in huge amounts!  It was a bit funny to see the reactions of people in the aisles as we were filling the cart...  Tomorrow, we will purchase books and toys.  Orphans are staying in orphanages a lot longer now under the new law and books and toys will be useful.  We will take a picture of it all oce we are done purchasing it all.  Believe me, it beats my weekly groceries at Costco!


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