Wednesday, November 7, 2012

We Have Gained!

We went to the clinic this morning, hoping to meet with a liver specialist.  The doctor met with us briefly and was quite frank telling us he has no pediatrics experience.  He redirected us to a pediatrician who will look at the girls’ files and provide us advice on how to care for them until we get back to Canada.  They were weighed and have gained slightly since their last medical in May.

We have provided them with unlimited sugar water and special formula and we saw dark yellow urine this morning for the first time – not the brown we had been seeing since we got them.  They are passing stools frequently but no diarrhea, which is good as we have started to slowly introduce congee.  We will meet with the doctor again tomorrow morning.

The girls are very easy.  They are able to self-soothe and prefer to fall asleep on their own next to each other.  We had good nights so far, they love to eat and eat 3 regular meals and a couple of snacks a day.  Our outings are quite limited with open windows of about 2 hours. 

We are anxiously waiting for news from Singapore to determine our return date.


  1. J'ai entendu cette chanson de Félix Leclerc à la radio et elle m'a fait pensé à vous...
    Sandra d'Ottawa

    C'était un p'tit bonheur que j'avais ramassé
    Il était tout en pleurs sur le bord du fossé
    Quand il m'a vu passer il s'est mis à crier:
    «Monsieur, ramassez-moi, chez vous, amenez-moi
    Mes frères m'ont oublié je suis tombé, je suis malade
    Si vous n'me cueillez point je vais mourir, quelle ballade!
    Je me ferai petit, tendre et soumis, je vous le jure
    Monsieur, je vous en prie, délivrez-moi de ma torture!»
    J'ai pris le p'tit bohneur, l'ai mis sous mes haillons
    J'ai dit: «Faut pas qu'il meure, viens-t-en dans ma maison»