Saturday, November 3, 2012


We departed Vung Tau this morning for Saigon, en route to go meet our daughters.  After a brief stop at the Somerset, our homebase until we return to Canada, we took a cab to the orphanage.  We were pleasantly surprised at how well run the orphanage was.  We were greeted by the director, a very pleasant man.  We had a brief talk with him, gave him the chalk, some school supplies.  The rest of the donation from our friends will be purchased later this week.  The orphanage has requested toys and diapers.

After a tea with the director, we headed upstairs to meet our daughters.  Michael and I were impressed with the general cleanliness.  The place has a definite air for people who really care for what they do.  We entered the nursery to finally meet our 2 new daughters.  To make this clear, there are some very very sick children in that room.  Iris Binh and Sage Phuoc are very sick little girls.  We got to hold them and these 2 fragile little ladies barely weigh 9 pounds and it is difficult to believe that they have lived for 18 months.  Michael and I spent 2 hours with our daughters this morning.  The one thing Michael and I can say is that these girls will change our lives as much as we hope to change theirs. 

We left the orphanage and headed to the market to get some shopping done.  The whole time we talked about how we are going to deal with these 2 miracles Life is putting in our hands.  It became clear why we have been swimming up rivers for so many years.  It was training to make sure we were ready to help these 2 little angels.  We would like to say we are certain of the outcome, but it would be foolish of us not to consider that time with them could be short.  To be frank, these girls are sick.  I am not sure why they were placed on our path, but be rest assure we will love them and cherish every moment we have with them.


  1. 18 mois, 9 livres: ça crève le coeur. Tu sembles lucide. Bonne continuation!
    Ta cousine.

  2. God bless you with wisdom, peace, and strength. Praying health and healing for these little ones.