Thursday, November 8, 2012


There seems to be a lot of them around us through this adventure.  During the preparations, long before we had the date, we continued to meet them as our journey unfolded.  From the man on his moped peaking to see who is in the cab and smiling once he sees the 2 babies, to all the people who gave generously and provided us assistance in all kinds of ways, some we can’t mention because otherwise they would end up in trouble.  This adoption journey has been an incredible experience and will continue to be when we get them home to get the medical attention they so require.

Today was full of victories.  We woke up to beautiful smiling girls reaching for us, we got the Vietnamese passports, we received confirmation that we will get the Canadian passports tomorrow, and we managed to reschedule our flights one week ahead the initial date.  We also went to purchase toys, books and medication for the orphanage.  Again, this donation is possible thanks to people around us who gave generously.  Amazing what you can buy in Vietnam with a little over $600 US.  We will need two cabs to bring everything to the orphanage tomorrow.

The other thing that struck us over here is how many people, locals or expats at the hotel, have reached out to enquire about the girls, realizing there is something not quite right with them.   All of the comments were encouraging and positive, wishing us the best as a family.

It is hard to believe that we are wrapping up this part of the journey that started back in January, but as we are getting ready to get back home, we know there is another big leg of the race that needs to be completed. 


  1. C'est si bon de vous lire! Une histoire merveilleuse! Merci de le partager avec nous!

    Manon xxx

  2. Hello Johanne....I am staying up to date with your blog entries and my heart is overflowing with love for all of you and especially your beautiful girls. One picture in particular reminded me so much of Lily when I was in Vietnam. Wishing you a speedy journey home to Canada.